Need a Primary Care Physician?

Hardly have enough time to keep life together as is?






Our Telemedicine option is perfect for you!


It is so easy to do! Here are the simple steps:


1. Fill out the form below.

2. Schedule Now or call us at 314-838-1983

3. Download the "Zoom" app on your tablet or smartphone

4. The doctor will send you an invite through your email to join him at the scheduled time. You click the link  and thats it! 


1. But I don't have insurance!

That is ok. The $100 cost covers your entire visit.

2. But how will I get my medications?

We will call them into your local pharmacy, like normal.


3. How do I know my info is secure?

We use ZOOM which provides us with everything we need to be safe, secure, and compliant.

4. Is this legal?


5. Give me a scenario....

You work a job 9am-5pm, 5 days a week and have a few kids at home.

Taking a half or full day off work is out of the question and it's been waaaaay too long since you saw your pcp for an update on your prescription medications.


So you schedule with us for a call at 5:15.

You leave work, get into your car, get the a/c going, take a deep breath and when the link pops up in your email you click it and right there, in the car, you can have a private visit with our doctor.


You get all of your questions answered, you get a prescription refill sent in to your local pharmacy that you pick up on the way home and you get back to your life.