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Small Business Plans

Give your employees low-cost, high-quality healthcare.

Escalating costs for healthcare has  caused many companies and employees to suffer. Companies using Bell Health get better healthcare for employees AND save money.

Shifting to direct primary care simultaneously improves the quality of care for your employees and reduces their out-of-pocket financial burden. Not to mention yours!

Why should I pay for employee insurance premiums and membership fees?

"I have an employee that spends over half of their pay every month on their insurance alone! And guess who paying the other half of his policy? Me! My company. And the premiums are getting higher every year."

Sound familiar? We hear this from business owners constantly and that is where we come in. 

By keeping their insurance but moving to a low fee/ high deductible plan both the employer and employee save thousands instantly. 

Then adding in our membership at a fraction of your savings gives you all the added benefits with none of the associated costs while getting happier healthier employees. 

What are the benefits to my company?

Primary care creates better outcomes at lower costs:

  • Patient satisfaction with Direct Primary Care is extremely high, with patient satisfaction scores of 97%.

  • Employees with established primary care physicians have fewer sick days and absenteeism.

  • Access to our care is excellent, which avoids missed days at work.

  • Appointments are available on the same day or next day, evenings and weekends.

  • Your employees can access their doctor easily and quickly with text, email, and video visits – there is no complicated phone system to get an appointment.

  • Wellness and mental health needs are addressed by our physicians.


Hospitalization rate: 8% lower

ED visits: 53% lower

Specialist referrals: 15% lower

Total healthcare spend: 5-20% lower

Can the company pay for employee memberships?

Yes – many businesses pay for direct primary care memberships for their employees. 

What services do we offer?

We take care of 90% of the medical needs for your employee and their family. Members receive everything you see in our normal membership including:

  • Annual comprehensive physicals.

  • Sick visits.

  • Chiropractic Care

  • Chronic disease management for diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

  • Mental health services.

  • Minor office procedures.

  • Urgent care services like first aid, stitches, upper respiratory infections, and antibiotics.

  • 60 minute doctor visits.

  • Same day or next day appointments.

  • Weekend and evening appointments.

  • Text, email, and video visits without additional cost.

  • Laboratory and imaging tests at our low negotiated rates with local partners.

  • Prescription drugs at wholesale cost.

  • On-site visits are available for additional cost.

How do you offer care like this?

Our doctors max out at 600 patients. However the typical doctor has 2000-5000! We use that extra time for longer visits and to guarantee amazing access.

We offer discounts depending on the number of employees enrolled. Contact us for details. 

How DPC Works:


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